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WSLH Proficiency Testing

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

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With WSLH Proficiency Testing, you receive reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use laboratory proficiency testing products with rapid access to results.

Welcome To The WSLH PT Community

Welcome to WSLH PT!  Let’s get started with a few basics:

   View resources on our website:

Watch Introduction Video – For an overview of the PT process

Download Handbook – A good reference tool

View Shipping Calendar – Also on your enrollment confirmation

Read General Instructions – For handling shipments

View Training Tutorials – For data entry, reports and more

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Reliable, Affordable, & Easy-to-Use Proficiency Testing Products

Your lab, Our Mission

WSLH Proficiency Testing is your PT provider, backed by a national public health lab and a Big Ten university

WSLH PT, providing a solid foundation for clinical lab improvement since 1966

Why clinical labs are making the switch to WSLH PT:

Ease The Burden On Staff

Our team of experienced Medical Technologists provide you one-on-one consultations, educational resources, & more

Manage Data With PT Central

Easy transition to a similar web-based proficiency testing account software

Comparable Pricing & Programs

Replacement samples, off-schedule events, and validation materials at a low cost for participants

Rapid Access To Results

14-day average turnaround time on evaluation reports

A Look At PT Central

Web-based, proficiency testing account software with familiar look and feel 

Manage your data with PT Central

Also, check out our resources, including video overviews of PT Central & more