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WSLH Proficiency Testing

Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene

Welcome AAFP Customers

Welcome to WSLH Proficiency Testing

The word is out about making the switch to WSLH Proficiency Testing. Wherever you are in the enrollment process, WSLH PT is here to help your lab transition as smoothly as possible. Feel free to use the flowchart below to determine what’s next, and what to expect. Thank you for partnering with WSLH PT. Your lab is our mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As you complete your 2023 enrollment, you will be asked to pay an annual processing fee for account maintenance.
    • This year-to-year, industry standard fee assures accounts are maintained using most compatible resources and technology to complete requests.
  •  Depending on the program, sample shipments are sent two-to-three times per year.
  • Review your enrollment confirmation for program shipment dates and due dates. 
  • Please allow several weeks for order processing.
  • For additional questions, please contact WSLH PT customer service at or by calling (800) 462-5261.

No, as AAFP PT planned to sunset their proficiency testing programs and services, WSLH Proficiency Testing was recommended as best positioned to serve as the new PT provider for clinical laboratories previously enrolled with AAFP PT.

WSLH Proficiency Testing has been providing a solid foundation for clinical laboratory improvement since 1966.

WSLH PT is CMS-approved, and accepted by CAP, COLA, & The Joint Commission.

What's next in your enrollment process?

  • An enrollment confirmation email will be sent out once processing is complete, with an invoice to follow at the first of the month. You are not responsible for payment before receiving the invoice.
  • You will receive a customized shipping schedule for your upcoming events and due dates for 2023 by email. To view the general shipping schedule in full, click here. 
  • Visit our resource page for proficiency testing instructions, handbook, supplemental worksheets, and more.
  • View video tutorials about using PT Central, accessing reports, and other topics.
  • Continue to receive notifications including shipment notifications, due date notifications, and other event-based communications as needed as they arise.
  • You will also receive WSLH PT’s monthly newsletter that provides clinical lab news, product updates, features, and more.

Reliable, Affordable, & Easy-to-Use Proficiency Testing Products

Your lab, Our Mission

WSLH Proficiency Testing is your PT provider, backed by a national public health lab and a Big Ten university. WSLH PT, providing a solid foundation for clinical lab improvement since 1966

Why clinical labs are making the switch to WSLH PT:

Ease The Burden On Staff

Our team of experienced Medical Technologists provide you one-on-one consultations, educational resources, & more

Manage Data With PT Central

Easy transition to a similar web-based proficiency testing account software

Comparable Pricing & Programs

Replacement samples, off-schedule events, and validation materials at a low cost for participants

Rapid Access To Results

14-day average turnaround time on evaluation reports

A Look At PT Central

Web-based, proficiency testing account software with familiar look and feel 

Manage your data with PT Central

Also, check out our resources, including video overviews of PT Central & more